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Ofudo Iwaya[k-1 course]

Ofudo Iwaya[k-1 course]

Walk the Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail

Nature as it is intended to be

This is a trail based on the ancient "Rokugo Manzan Mineiri Pilgrimage Route" on the Kunisaki Peninsula.This reconfigured course,which can be modified by adding further mountain climbing or walking routes,allows participants to experience the real pleasures of hiking and walking trails in a fun and comfortable way.

Organized by
Trail guide

Tour Availabe Days

Spring(generally from March to June)
Fall(approximately from October to December)

Meeting Place

Varies by couse

Tour Fee

English guide from 38,000 yen
(not including transportation expenses to the meeting place)

Number of participants

1-25 people

10 days before the day

Tour features

Differs according to the course(10 courses in total)


Please inquire(10 courses in total)

Starting Time

1 day

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