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Cycling tour around the Ajimu and Innai Basin

~A journey to experience the local way of life nourished by the richness of nature~ Ride an e-bike (electric sports bicycle) around the entire Ajimu Basin

In ancient times, agricultural rice cultivation culture was first introduced from China and the Korean Peninsula. The northern Oita area is still influenced by this culture more than 1,000 years later. Usa Jingu Shrine is the birthplace of "Shinto-Buddhism syncretism," a harmonious blend of foreign culture and ancient Japanese culture. Usa Jingu shrine, which had strong ties with the ancient Japanese nation, possessed rice fields called “Shoen” that covered over one-third of Kyushu’s territory. In the Ajimu Innai area, located in the mountains near Usa Jingu Shrine, the Shoen owned by Usa Jingu Shrine still remains to this day, and the landscape has been preserved just as it was approximately 1,000 years ago, including the water supply and the land division. There, people's lives have developed alongside rice cultivation techniques. The irrigation canals that supply water to the rice fields from a large river were built using ancient techniques learned from foreign countries. They now not only supply water for agriculture but also water for people’s daily lives.

Local guides, who love and know this area better than anyone else, will show you the charming countryside and will introduce you to the lifestyle of the villagers living here.
E-bikes are also available for those who are not confident with riding a bicycle (beginners).
Get up close and personal with the dynamic scenery of oddly shaped rocks and canyons created by Mother Nature.

Organized by
Local guides who know and love Yabakei better than anyone else, introduce the charms of the land and the lives of the villagers.

Yabakei Cycling Tours offers a local guide to assist you. Macchan, born and raised in Yabakei, will leisurely guide you through the natural wonders of his beloved Yabakei and show you the charms of the people who live here.

Tour Availabe Days

All year round (let us know your desired date)
10:00 ・ 13:30 
Departure time can be changed upon request

Meeting Place

Usa City Tourism Association, Ajimu Branch

Tour Fee

8,000 yen per person
Rental bike (e-bike), helmet, guide fee, insurance, snacks, and entrance fee

Number of participants

6 people (minimum of 2 people)

Booking Deadline:7 days prior
Interpreter-guide optional.

Tour features

Tourist Association Ajimu Branch Office → Ajimu Lookout→ Tsumagaki Jinja Shrine (Shuin seal stamp) → Roadside Station Innai (break) → Ajimu Kotedori Street (Agataya Brewery water tasting (water used to brew alcohol) → Tourist Association Ajimu Branch Office  


Approximately 2 hours and 30 min

Starting Time

10:00 ・ 13:30 
Departure time can be changed upon request

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