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Hiking along the Omoto Kodo on a sacred mountain

A trip to experience the lifestyles and people of the region where the syncretism of Shintoism and Buddhism originated

【The origin of Hachiman culture and the origins of where the gods dwell 】

This tour includes hiking along the Omoto Historic Trail, an ancient trail on Mt. Omoto.

Mt. Omoto is a sacred mountain where three goddesses are said to have alighted from the heavens. It has been a sacred mountain with mysterious powers since ancient times.

It is also known as the place where the monks who trained at Rokugo Manzan first tested their resolve before beginning their ascetic training. Before embarking, monks had to seriously contemplate whether they were ready to complete the long and painful ascetic training on Mt. Omoto.

Walking around the Okumiya area, spiritual power is strongly felt making it clear that this is a sacred mountain unlike any other. On this mountain a god dwells that keeps humans at bay. This is a special hiking tour where you can feel the presence of Japan's ancestors who regarded natural energy as a divine power since time immemorial.

◆Local staff members who are involved in traditional Japanese performing arts and folk songs will form a team of guides to take you around the area.
◆This hiking tour reveals the little known local history of the Kunisaki Peninsula and explores the origins of Japan.
◆Walking around Mt. Omoto, where the Usa Jingu Shrine and the Rokugo Manzan culture began, will bring you in direct contact with the origins of this region.
◆This adventure unravels the mysteries of not only the Japan we see today, but also that of the ancient peoples who believed in the powers of nature and how this led to the intersection of Buddhism and Shintoism.

Usa Jingu Shrine area forbidden to all but priests
Organized by
Local staff members will take you around the area.

FeEL Product Company
Representative, Mr. Tatsuhiro Ono

Local staff members who are involved in traditional Japanese performing arts and folk songs will form a team of guides to take you around the area.

Tour Availabe Days

Application Deadline:7 days prior

Meeting Place

Trailhead of Oomoto Shrine
(Shokakuji, Usa City, Oita Prefecture)
※Meeting point can be changed upon request.

Tour Fee

From 28,000 yen per guide
※Up to 10 persons per guide (minimum 1 person).
If more than 10 people, please contact us to arrange more than one guide.

You will be guided by Japanese.
There is a cost, but we can arrange an interpreter.

Number of participants

1 to 10 people
※16 years and over
※If more than 10 people, please contact us.

Application Deadline:7 days prior
Interpreter-guide optional.

Tour features

Meeting at Trailhead of Oomoto Shrine
(Shokakuji route) → Nyorai stone Buddha, Dragon stone, Kagome stone, and others→Oomoto Shrine → Usa Jingu Shrine (Oo Shrine) → Usa Jingu Shrine parking lot / End

Time required: 4-5 hours
Distance:Approx. 9.2km
The route can be changed according to request.

Taxis to and from the meeting point and trail lunches can be arranged (treated as optional).
If experience, worship or entrance fees are required, these must be paid separately.


4-5 Hours

Starting Time

Start times are on request.

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